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Garden Design in Melbourne is Geometry

Garden Design in Melbourne is Geometry

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Is Garden Design in Melbourne following a geometric trend at the moment? It seems the design trend may have hit the garden world.

Take a peek at some of the Home and Garden magazines in the newsagents. There are a swag of geometrically inspired planters being displayed in the glossy magazines. Geometrically inspired images have been appearing over the internet for the last 24 months or so. We are certainly noticing that the shapes are finding their way into the cool homes of the inner city tribe and spilling into their outside spaces.

geometric gardens


Take a look at the range of geometric garden planter images available in Google Images in Australia (shown above). These planters are a mix of contemporary designs as well as a few lead glass terrariums that date back to a look being created in the late 1960’s and 1970’s. There are a dozen or so websites that focus on what is being referred to as ‘geo’ or  ‘geometry’. There is also a sub trend where garden room are created out of geometric shapes and referred to as garden domes.

Ryan Young is currently mid way through a geometric garden construction project in Hawthorn, Melbourne. The garden design is responding to the geometric shapes created by the architect.

Ryan commented that the

geometry trend is probably wider than Melbourne.  I have noticed some Melbourne based interior designers I work with are using geometric fabrics and objects. They have been using these patterns for some months. Interior designers are influenced by the global digital image banks found on the internet such as Houzz and Pinterest. Even tattoos are changing from the organic shapes to a more geometrical inspired motif.


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