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Ryan Young is one of Melbourne’s Kitchen Garden Design Specialists. He can transform a bland balcony space into a produce garden within one day.

Do you like the idea of cooking and using your own fresh produce? Do you want a kitchen garden but don’t know where to start?  Are you worried that you do not have enough outdoor space to grow your own herbs, vegetables and fruits?

Do you want to reduce your foot print? Our food production is responsible for nearly 25% of Australia’s Green House gas emissions.

I have the answer to getting your kids to eat their vegetables – garden based food education.

And planting an edible garden is fun.

Young has helped plenty of Melbourne’s foodies establish and maintain a perfect kitchen garden space. Those gardens are where his client’s grow and pick fresh organic produce on a daily basis. Imagine picking tonight’s salad right outside your kitchen door. Through clever solutions and tested products Ryan Young makes it possible for families living in the smallest of apartments or large backyards to enjoy the ‘fruits’ of their own kitchen garden.

Young can also provide follow up planting support. He has assisted teachers and the parents of Melbourne’s primary schools and kindergarten’s continue to maintain the productive gardens that have been installed as part of the Stephanie Alexander School Garden Program.

Young offers hourly kitchen garden consultations as well.  Let Ryan Young’s design skills maximise the productivity of your garden.