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Ryan Young Designs Show Garden at Melbourne Grand Design Live 2014

Ryan Young Designs Show Garden at Melbourne Grand Design Live 2014

Ryan Young Design was one of three designers selected by the Australian Institute of Landscape Designers and Managers to create the Grand Show Gardens at Melbourne Grand Design Live this year. A highly coveted position amongst the Melbourne garden design community.

Its a great honour. It tells our clients loud and clear that we deliver quality. We have a commitment to producing landscape solutions that are unique and affordable. Its a chance to showcase your business. Being endorsed by the Institute is a fabulous pat on the back.

We are still working on the design of the garden but it will certainly feature one of our clients favourite design features – a vertical garden. Living walls are such a fabulous way of incorporating productive gardens into outdoor areas. This is especially the case given that much of Melbourne is moving into smaller homes where the back and front yard space is limited. We find that people love the way they can create an instant kitchen garden on their balcony or back-wall of their home.

Another design feature that many Melbourne families are seeking in their gardens is a designated area for the children that is more ‘natural’. Instead of installing the plastic swing, slide and see-saw kit found at most high volume home stores we are finding clients are seeking a more natural and considered solution.


Melbourne 17-19th October, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center 2014.



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