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Ryan Young Design understands the importance of natural play spaces.

“Adults need to be aware that the garden is a great opportunity for our children to connect with nature. Everyday play should facilitate a child’s imagination. Kids should be free to explore, create and problem solve.
Playground designers have a  responsibility to the next generation.  I take that responsibility very seriously.  I do not fill my playspaces with plastic swings and equipment that tells a child how to play.

I use unmilled timbers, real plants and real turf!! I use dirt, mulch and I scatter beautiful boulders that children can reuse for all sorts of games. I design with natural elements that can become almost anything in a child’s imagination. Logs become more than just a place to sit” .

Recently Ryan successfully completed a natural play space for Eltham Child Care Centre Co-Op as in the process of completing St. Faiths in Montmorency just to name a few. Young was selected to redesign the existing play space to a more natural organic spatial design. He was selected because of his natural approach to gardens and his ability to deliver construction projects on budget.  The playground assisted the child care centre to gain its industry accreditation. Smiles all round.

Where possible he also incorporates edible components to his playgrounds. “Parents really want their children to understand where fruits, vegetables and herbs come from. What better place to learn where food comes from than a playspace?”

WARNING: Young likes to build natural play spaces that encourage children to get dirty- mud kitchen anyone?