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Sustainable Garden Design Melbourne

Over the years I have watched sustainable garden design become more and more relevant. This is particularly the case during the drought period in Australia. People learnt and understood the waste of watering a lawn every day. Yet for 50 years before we just watered and watered with no concern for the environment. Water was wasted throughout my childhood years, especially during those Melbourne summer months.

As we have become more aware sustainable garden design has created a Sustainable Garden Designdifferent garden aesthetic. Instead of grass being used in everyone’s front and back gardens people are now far more accepting of other materials such as granitic sand or timber decking. People also use recycled plastics that have been turned into synthetic grass. Fifty years ago that would have been unheard of. I must admit synthetic grass is not a favourite of mine but it’s much better than using the water guzzling green lawns.

As the water guzzling plants have been swapped for low water tolerant species the overall appearance of the landscape has changed dramatically in Melbourne, Australia. It is great to see native grasses and shrubs being used in the nature strip. It certainly encourages great critter life in our streetscapes.

Providing food for birdlife is also another benefit of sustainable garden design. We have actually seen certain birds come back to the suburbs. The Kingfisher for example has been spotted along the Merri Creek Corridor in Melbourne’s inner northern suburbs. Whilst we can thank the local councils for revegetating the river corridor there must be some thanks give to the local residents. People who recognise the benefits of sustainable garden design are having a real impact.

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