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Vertical Garden Design – Overview

A vertical garden is a fabulous way to use space. Ryan Young Design has installed more vertical gardens this year than raised planter beds.

“Even I am surprised! We need to remember that five years ago people in Australia had barely heard the term ‘vertical garden’ let alone understand what it meant. So this is a big deal. It’s a gardening craze like no other “

“I think the widespread adoption of vertical gardening in Australia can be Beautiful-Vertical-Gardenlinked to the home improvement shows such as The Block. Nevertheless be careful believing everything you see on those programs. Often they are whacked up quickly and do not stand the test of time. Construction done quickly and cheaply cannot always be relied upon for year to come”.

Melbourne has changed in the last 5 years – we have a tonne more apartments. People are moving from their ¼ acre block into these 5 or 10 storey developments near the railways stations. These buildings are great for making Melbourne a more environmentally friendly city. But they have problems. “Most people I know need greenery. I often hear people saying they need to connect with nature”.

I think architects and developers have come a long way in the last 5 years. There is a real appreciate for the benefits of incorporating vegetation in our buildings. Good vertical garden design is a very big part of the answer. They are the contemporary garden. When gardens are combined with the building – from the very beginning of the design process – we can create true art pieces. Art that people can live in.

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